Alcohol tester plastic display

03 October 2017
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An international player in the medical and safety technology industries was looking for a plastics solution for the display on their alcohol tester.

We met with their R&D team to provide them with several options. We created several test samples for the plastic display and helped to make a final decision based on these.

The challenge was the 3D shape of the plastic display. Because the tolerances were very low, we had to correctly estimate the expansion and shrinkage of the material down to a tenth of a millimetre. Otherwise, the display would not fit on the device in the end.

The first step of the production process was to apply a scratch-resistant coating to the transparent sheet. In the second step, we cut the smaller parts out of the large sheet. Then, in cooperation with a screen-printing company, we applied the correct print to the displays. We then milled each display separately and sent them to the ovens to give them just the right shape.