Plastic parts

CoatingPlastic parts

All plastics

Polycarbonate, PET, PPSU, SAN,… etc.: if it’s transparent plastic, we can coat it.

All coatings

Anti-vapour, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant etc.; just let us know what result you want to achieve with the plastic coating.

All shapes

A visor, a shell, or even the most complex shapes: give us a challenge!

How does our clean room work?

First, we remove all the dust from the parts ourselves. Because every speck of dust will detract from the final result. Then the plastic parts are sent to our clean room.

The operator removes them and places them into the coating machine. We work with both UV and thermal-hardening coating processes to individually coat objects. After the treatment, each plastic part is heated one by one.



The only thing you have to do is let us know the end result you expect.
We will select the most suitable coating for your plastic parts and make sure that everything goes smoothly.


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