About us

We started out as a visor manufacturer. Since then, we have grown into a plastics specialist:
if you can think of it, we can design, manufacture, and coat it.


Since then, we have grown into a leader in the world of visors and optical plastics. And while we may not be quite so modest, we can rest assured that the name Zweko Optics has been associated with superior quality for years now.


We want you to challenge us. To take us out of our comfort zone. Because that is where innovation arises.
That is where products and processes are improved. And that’s up to us, to constantly expand our knowledge.
We do this in order to be able to design and manufacture the best final product for you. Whether this is a helmet visor, a plastic display screen, or a piece of plastic furniture.

So, the more you focus on quality and the more complex your product is,
the more logical it is to contact us today!

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