Plastic furniture: a unique partnership

As a designer, you refuse to settle for average. You want to create designs that surprise. You want to work with materials that inspire you.

We will explore the infinite possibilities of plastics together with you. We will test the limits of the (im)possible together with you.

Challenge us with your concept for unique plastic furniture. We will bend over backwards to translate it into a unique final product.

Together, we will create art from plastic.

Have you already got a specific concept in mind? Or does your idea need to be fleshed out a bit more? In the first case, we can help you to make your concept even better. And in the latter, we will try to make that idea more specific.
From design to final product. We are constantly investing in our knowledge and machinery in order to make the impossible possible. It’s time to highlight that knowledge!
We are just as proud of the unique final result as you are. Perhaps we could also help you with the commercial aspect? Or even help you turn that plastic furniture into a fully-fledged collection?

Success stories

These designers have
already put us
to the test

Do you need support?

Flexible ideas

You can do practically anything with design. It is impossible to show you all of the possibilities.
But we hope that these ideas and tips will provide you with some inspiration…

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