Ulrike Jurklies
mo man tai was founded by industrial designer Ulrike Jurklies fifteen years ago. She moved from Germany to the Netherlands in 2004.
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Ulrike is returning to her roots with ‘Vitrine’ shelf system. After all, before studying Industrial Design in Munich, she finished an apprenticeship in furniture-making.

She became inspired by the bits of coloured plastic left over from the manufacture of panels. This inspiration brought a new furniture line to life. ‘Vitrine’ is available in red and lavender. Depending on what is produced, ‘Vitrine’ could be available in a range of colours.

‘Vitrine’ is packaged in a flat box, whether it will be used in a sideboard with two shelves or a bookcase with four shelves. The designs rely on traditional linking systems and a clear design language, emphasising the appearance of this colourful and transparent material.

‘Vitrine’ was created in collaboration with Zweko Optics. The entire line was presented at the Dutch Design Week in October 2017, in the installation piece, ‘See Through’.