When only the very best visor is good enough

We manufacture thermoformed visors of the highest quality based on nearly 30 years of experience.

Law enforcement

Visors that can take a beating are an essential piece of a law enforcement officer’s protective equipment. When it comes to personal safety, your customers expect the very best and we can help you to meet these expectations.

Fire department

In the heat of the battle, only the best is good enough. Our visors can withstand any test and are the logical choice for all fire departments requiring superior quality.


Every second counts in elite sports. And in the Formula 1 races, it even comes down to milliseconds. So, the right material choices are essential – from their helmets to the visors.

Industrial safety

A safe workplace begins with the proper safety clothing. The importance of a helmet with the right kind of visor cannot be underestimated. Are you ready for superior quality?

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